Elyse Bruce does a lot of cool things. She writes music, songs, short stories, novels and plays when she isn’t painting and photographing the neat things around her.

She teaches songwriting and marketing classes at the college and university level, art to tweens and teens, and leads workshops and seminars on a number of subjects. She also enjoys gardening in her yard alongside her author-artist husband, Thomas D. Taylor.

In her spare time, Elyse bakes chocolate chip cookies which she then generously shares with friends and family.    Sometimes she serves French Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles on top with those chocolate chip cookies!


Missy Barrett is 9 years old. She believes that everything in life can turn out to be an adventure. She also believes that you never know when a mystery is going to break out. When she grows up, she plans on being the Chief of Staff at Artie Q International as well as a Top Ten in the World excellent private eye detective.

She lives with her mom, Jenna, and her older brothers, Josh and Aaron, and her cats, Sali Dali Cat and Oreo Speedwagon. She also has a remarkable circle of family and friends that includes both sets of grandparents, her Uncle Rick and Aunt Debbie and their kids, her Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob and their kids, Mrs. Whittington from next door, Mr. and Mrs. Carter from I See Delights, Wesley from across the street, and more.

All of her stories include real life people, places, businesses, and attractions alongside the fictional people, places, businesses, and attractions friends, fans, and followers have come to know and love.