Welcome To The Official Missy Barrett Website

Missy Barrett is a fictional 9-year-old child who lives in real life Sevierville (TN) with her mother, Jenna, and her big brothers, Aaron and Josh and the family cats, Oreo Speedwagon and Sali Dali Cat.  Grandma and Grandpa Barrett live here as well as Grandma and Grandpa Two Rivers.

In 2017, Sevierville proclaimed August 30th to be International Missy Barrett Day where everyone is encouraged to #DoAGoodDeed and help spread the word that every good deed counts, no matter how big or how small that deed may be.

Missy Barrett is also a member of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce, and loves writing about the events, grand openings, ribbon cuttings, and more because she takes being a Chamber member seriously.

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