Night Before Christmas 2021

HRH Prince Alexander of the Princedom of Moorland

This is the third year Missy Barrett and Friends have put together 32 tote bags to be given to sick or injured children who find themselves needing to go to the Emergency Room at LeConte Medical Center in Sevierville (TN) on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. We know no family wants to be at the hospital ever and especially not during the Christmas season.

Missy Barrett is very thankful that during these difficult pandemic times, so many of her friends have opened their hearts yet again to help these children and their families.

On December 24th, a special message from HRH Prince Alexander of the Princedom of Moorland to the children receiving a tote bag as well as to their parents and caregivers will be posted to the main page of the “Night Before Christmas” on this website. Be sure to come back to listen to this message.

Missy Barrett’s friends (when you click on their names, you go to their websites) participating in filling these small tote bags in 2021 are: