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Hallowe’en Hoot

It’s not every day a real person dresses up as their favorite fictional character for Hallowe’en, but that’s exactly what this Missy Barrett fan did for Hallowe’en this year.  She put a lot of time and effort, care and attention, and more into making sure she was the perfect Missy Barrett!

She made sure she borrowed a wig that was the right cut and color, and she made sure she had a magnifying glass (also referred to as a glass-on-a-stick) just like Missy Barrett does.  She didn’t have a blue sweater to go with her outfit, but we’re sure that Missy Barrett has a pink sweater in her closet.

This young fan even went as far as to get Missy Barrett’s facial expression down pat!  This Hallowe’en is definitely going to be the best ever!