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#DoAGoodDeed and Celebrate

Coming up at the end of August is a very special day you need to know about.  It’s International Missy Barrett Day.

What’s International Missy Barrett Day all about? It’s about doing good deeds and sharing lots of positivity in your community, around the world, and on the Internet.

If you would like to help spread the word, download this flyer and put it up at your house, at schools and libraries, in offices and businesses, houses of worship, and anywhere else you think caring people might be found.

Or you can download and share this postcard with all your friends and family.

When you’re on Facebook, be sure to share the link to the International Missy Barrett Day Facebook Event page by clicking on INVITE and sending invitations to all your Facebook friends and acquaintances.

Let’s flood social media with a wave of good deeds all over the world on Wednesday, August 30.